Are You Missing This Big Piece in Your Athletic Development Program?

Female athletes and athlete's in general spend a lot of time and work on trying to improve their performance for their respective sport or sports. All this work leads to wear and tear in their bodies, so they desperately need to being take proactive steps to recover optimally. One of those most neglected and often non-existent problems in the majority of female athletic development programs I see, especially at the middle and high school levels, is no Restoration Program! The sad thing is all that hard work will not pay off in big dividends if you are not taking care of you body and have a specific restoration program, where honestly is where much of the magic happens to allow your hard work to really pay off. My restoration programs include these 3 key concepts or what I call: MELT - MOLD - MOVE STEP 1 - SOFT TISSUE HYDRATION & MOBILIZATION (MELT) This step is all about unlocking the connective tissue and resulting fascia that the body has in particular areas or patterns of movement, using a variety of techniques. These restrictions can often inhibit efficient movement patterns and can lead to injuries if not addressed. Many athletes might foam roll, but most of what is being done is not affecting much change, because they are not using the correct process to help restore their soft tissues. This step helps unlock the tissues for the next step in the restoration process. STEP 2 - 3D FLEXIBILITY (MOLD) This step is all about restoring the joint mobility of key areas of transformation and the length-tension relationships of the body through 3-Dimensional flexibility techniques. We want to take the body into different angulations and planes of movement to help expand the athletes potential. Most stretching programs out there are really missing the boat and totally neglects how the human body functions. These techniques will help expand your envelope and give you that 3-dimensional buffer zone that is essential to optimal performance and injury reduction, while setting the body up for the next step in this process. STEP 3 - 3D STABILITY (MOVE) The last step in the process and a critical step that is often missed if you just stretch. Next have to teach the body how to use these new ranges of motion we have created, through movement or they will not stick and revert back to path of least resistance. The use of 3-dimensional movements to create tensions in key areas helps build a healthier functioning body, which is totally neglected by most stretching sessions. Well there you have it - my 3 step process of restoration for keeping female athletes healthy and unbreakable. If you are interested in learning more about the Melt-Mold-Move process and my Restoration Programs, please reach out to me. These can be done almost anywhere and a very easy thing to add to your female athletes program that feels great and provides huge dividends in improving sports performance. Have a Wonderful Day, Coach Jeff

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