Best Exercise Equipment for Athletes Looking to Train AT Home

Updated: May 6, 2020

During these tough times of COVID19 I often get asked what equipment should my son or daughter get to workout at home.

When looking at equipment I am looking for versatility, cost-effectiveness, ease of use. Here are some of my go to pieces for training at home (after body weight training):

1) I was asked if I could pick only one tool what would it be and that is very easy - Resistance Bands. Why? Because they are so versatile and allow me to train every aspect of athletic development and sports performance, with no other piece being able to come close on this attribute. Doesn't mean I don't love other training pieces, but if I had only one I could use it would be resistance bands especially at home. I can train multi-directional speed development (acceleration, deceleration, changes of direction, retreating, etc), strength, power/explosiveness, stability, mobility, rehab, etc. I am not talking about your crap bands use for group fitness classes here.

Here are some of my favorite sites to get the different bands I use with every since athlete I work with:

2.) Medicine Balls - Great for throws, power development, core training, loading various movement patterns and warm-up protocols.

3.) Dumbbells - Everyone could use a variety of dumbbells to help load upper, lower and core exercises. I prefer the powerblock to save space and allow me to use greater loads when needed. They are a bit more expensive, so getting a couple of different pairs to start would be great.

4.) Stability Ball - I know they sometimes get a bad rap, but usually from those that use them incorrectly or don't know how to use them properly. I love these for some core training protocols, single leg wall training exercises and one of my favorite hamstring protocols by my man JC Santana the Triple Threat.

All the above (2-4 can be found at to order or possible local stores that are still open).

Honorable Mentions:

Below are some other pieces to consider that are probably not as versatile or possibly will cost you a little more, but depending on your needs might be something to look into, because I love all these pieces as well for certain things:

5.) Sandbags - Honestly I love these and get them from Josh Henkin and You can do a ton with these and mimic a lot of free weight exercises with a spin. You typically have to get a few and then need to go get the sand to fill the pouches.

6.) Kettlebells - Great tool, but you can do the same with dumbbells for the most part and will usually cost you a little more to get a few to train with, but if budget not as big a issue these are a great addition to any home gym.

7.) Suspension Training Unit - A TRX or SBT or other type can be a good option for some specific exercises, but often can be a little tougher to set up correctly in some homes.

8.) Olympic Bar Weight Set - If you have the space and option a great set of free weight can be great way to add in some extra load and variety, but not necessarily needed for most athletes at home.

There are lot of other tools that I could mention but I did want to focus on some of the more popular at home training equipment out there and where I personally feel the fall in the grand scheme of things for training youth.

I hope this helps and again sorry wasn't able to get my FB Live to work, but check out this list and reach out to me if you have any questions about any of the equipment or if you are needing help with a home training program for your athlete.

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