How To Make Sure You Are Pandemic Proof by Having the Right Exercise Equipment

As a youth athlete make sure you stay ready and prepared for whatever might happen with this virus and the flu season, so as I always tell my athletes "Control the Controllables".

There are many things that are outside of your control, but you are always the controller of you Attitude, Actions and Effort, so focus on those during these tough times.

Get prepared now and get the equipment you need to stay ready and safe at home that allows you to still train at the level you need to stay ready for you sport and season.

Here are my top pieces of equipment I recommend to all athletes who will be doing some performance training at home:

1. Dumbbells - Get a few pairs of different sizes to suite you needs or a system like the powerblocks that gives you more varied resistance levels.

2. Resistance Bands - Make sure you get some high quality bands like the JC Resistance Band Line at and some layered bands from either or

3. Stability Ball - Great versatile piece of equipment for core, upper body and lower body training and protocols.

4. Medicine Ball - Great piece to add some variety in loading movements, as well as a great option for power training. is a great company that can be a one-stop shop for many pieces of the equipment I mentioned (except for the specific links I shared for the resistance bands I use).

You can also now find many of these pieces at your local Dick's, Target or Walmart.

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