New Remote Athletic Performance Evaluation Program

It's Mandatory for Every Athlete to go Through an Athletic Performance Evaluation with a Professional Sports Performance Coach.

A quality evaluation will take a look at both biomechanical and performance factors, then should be correlated to the athlete and their respective sport.

A well done evaluation should:

- Look at biomechanical and performance differences from a quality perspective on both sides of the body.

- Correlate to the athletes specific sport and how what is observed in the evaluation can impact the athletes performance.

- Pinpoint potential weakness in the athlete and how these energy leaks can increase their risk of injury if not addressed, as well as lead to a decrease in performance for a given sport.

- Will lead to a more individualized sports specific performance program for the athlete to optimize their performance.

What's Included in my Athletic Performance Evaluation:

- Comprehensive health history and needs analysis

- Remote Video Athletic Performance Evaluation * 7 Movement Evaluations * 7 Performance Evaluations

- Personal access to me through my CoachNow App * Video analysis​, evaluations and video sharing * Programming and education

- Digital 1/1 Zoom call to review your evaluation results * Video review of your submitted evaluations by me * My feedback on what needs to be addressed, why they need to be addressed and how they can be addressed

If you are interested in taking advantage of my discounted special on my New Home-Based Athletic Performance Evaluation please DM me ASAP, while the discount is available.

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