Talking Ankle Sprains and Braces Part l

In this video I dive into a topic that is still full of a lot of out dated and mis-information unfortunately in youth sports and that has to do with these recommendations by some coaches that their players need to wear ankle braces to prevent ankle sprains.

Most of what is being said just makes no sense base on functional biomechanics of the foot/ankle complex, as well as the mechanisms of many ankle sprains.

Here are the facts:

1. We can not totally prevent ankle sprains, but the job of solid performance enhancement program is the reduce the likelihood to injuries by teaching youth be be more athletic, teach fundamental movement patterns, correct bad movement patters, and work on strengthening the body to be able to be more injure resilient.

2. Most of the advice goes against functional biomechanics of the foot/ankle complex and actually puts athletes at greater risk of more catastrophic injuries like the dreaded ACL tear which is epidemic in female sports.

3. Most never focus on addressing the mechanisms of most ankle injuries, which is poor movement mechanics during deceleration, planting, cutting, change of direction, re-acceleration, jumping, landing, etc. Let's focus on correcting this stuff and we will take care of most non-contact injuries in sports.

4. Poor performance enhancement programs that are not addressing the needs to the athlete or team based on a sound biomechanical screening that will pick up weakness and movement faults in their respective sports and then develop a program to correct these issues.

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