Updated: Jun 3, 2020

I am always amazed when I hear coaches or trainers discredit the use of resistance bands in their programs or use with youth athletes and all I can say is "WHAT"!

As the great poet Ludacris said "There Just Not Doing It Right" :). This is usually the case is that they truly don't understand how to effectively use resistance bands to improve the performance of youth athletes or have a grasp of all the benefits resistance bands provide to youth athletes.

So here are all the benefits and why every youth athlete should be using resistance bands in their programs to maximize athletic development and sports performance on the field.

1.) Maximum Portability and Versatility

They are literally the only tool on the market that can train every quality of fitness and athletic development that will transfer to on the field performance improvement. Plus they are light weight and you can take them anywhere with enough resistance to kick the strongest athletes alive.

2.) Unlimited Exercise Options

The options are endless, such as, strength training, power training, speed training, flexibility/mobility training, conditioning, rehab / corrective exercise, etc. Plus you can do all this with a couple of light weight bands that will easy fit in a duffel bag or back pack. There is absolutely no training tool on the market that can come close to comparing to the options that bands provide the athlete.

3.) Train Anywhere

I don't know of any single training tool on the market that let's you train so many different qualities anywhere and at anytime. The easily bring high performance programming options with you to your home or can be taken outside or on the road with you, which is perfect for these tough times during the COVID 19 Pandemic.

4.) Minimal Space Required

A standard 41 inch looped band (you can also use a tubular band like the JC Predator) with a stretch recommendation of 2 yards requires approximately 30 square feet (6 feet by 5 feet) of actual floor space to train. Now if you move to a double loop set up you can basically double this distance for some of our speed training we do with resistance bands for our athletes. Anyway you look at it, resistance band maximizes your environment for training.

5.) Ascending Resistance Training

Ascending resistance created by a resistance band teaches individuals not only to produce force (like free weights), but also provide the gradual buildup of resistance that allows for an acceleration of force to occur (free weights don't). Resistance bands teach the body to accelerate force and maximally stabilize at the end range of the concentric phase of a movement, which is unmatched by most other training tools.

6.) Multi-Vector Training

The body is designed to move in 3 planes of movement, though what is lost in most training programs is teaching the body how to generate force and decelerate forces that align through various force vectors. Free weights are directly influenced by gravity and thus will follow a vertical force vector, whereas resistance bands are independent of gravity and can create horizontal and rotational vector alignments (where most injuries occur in sports and life).

7.) Accelerated Eccentric Training

A resistance bands ascending resistance allows the body to accelerate momentum during the eccentric phase of movement, which is critical for improving deceleration control in athletes (most injuries are deceleration injuries or a bad breaking system in the athlete). This results in an athletes that is better balanced and controlled at various speeds regardless of position or posture.

8.) 3D Flexibility and Mobility

As we have already mentioned the body is designed to move in 3 planes of movement, so it is important that the athlete can lengthen and mobilize in all 3 planes for optimal performance. Resistance band flexibility and mobility training allows the body to lengthen in all 3 planes, while joint mobility is simultaneously challenged in all 3 planes.

9.) Accelerated Concentric Training

This is the ability to increase speed, while moving against a gradual increase in force. Training with elastic ascending resistance teaches the body how to accelerate force and not just move a force at a constant speed, thus teaching the body to increase power output.

10.) Core Reactor vs. Contractor Training

Dynamically the job of the core is to maintain the body's center or mass over its base of support. Those who lack great core reaction do not control momentum very well, thus decreasing the body's ability to move efficiently and increase the athletes chance for injury. A reactive core engine is essential for the body to function optimally and this is where resistance band training really comes to play, by training the core to be a reactor vs. contractor.

Well I hope you know truly appreciate how important resistance bands are to improving athletic development, sports performance and are absolutely vital to all athletes training programs.

P.S. If your an athlete and you are needing help with a resistance band performance program during this COVID 19 Pandemic, check out this program to help you become more athletic and prepare your body, so your ready when your sport resumes.

Coach Jeff Fellure

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